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Angkum Rangers

Angkum is located in southern Uutalnganu (Night Island Country) 85 km south of Lockhart River on the east coast. We have been trying hard to get something started on our country that will allow us to stay there. At the moment we are investigating IPAs and TUMRAs. Our goal is to establish permanent residence, generate income, sustainable economic development.

Angkum is the ancestral home of our group of Uutaalganu or “Night Island” people. Our outstation is situated 85 km south of Lockhart River community in Cape York. It is a long boat trip but accessible by road during the dry season. We are one of the few groups that has been able to move back to country, to care for it and to provide a future for our families away from difficult community situation. We are undertaking assessments to establish implementation priorities and working hard to find funding and partnership support for our people and country. We are investigating an IPA and TUMRA which might help us. Projects we have done to date include building the outstation by ourselves, weed control, dugong and turtle monitoring, speaking up for our country. We want to develop jobs and economic benefits from our natural resources.

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