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Pormpuraaw Rangers

The Queensland Government currently employs six Indigenous land and sea rangers through the Pormpuraaw Aboriginal Shire Council, the first of which were employed in 2007.

The Pormpuraaw Deed of Grant of Land in Trust (DOGIT) covers about 4,662 square kilometres along the west coast of Cape York Peninsula. The major river systems covered are the Holroyd/Kendall River, Christmas Creek, Balurga River, Edward River, Mungkan River, Chapman River, Mellenan River and Coleman River.

Achievements and current activities include:

  • Eradication of Parkinsonia
  • Ghost nets removal
  • Crocodile survey and management including relocation
  • Extensive animal exclusion fencing protecting wetlands and important cultural areas .
  •  Biosecurity activities in partnership with North Australian
  • Turtle nest monitoring
  • Formalisation of the junior ranger program in partnership with Department of Education and Training
  • Feral animal control
  • Fire management through mosaic burning
  • Development and implementation of Pormpuraaw Land and Sea Country Cultural and Natural Resource Management Plan 2010-2015
  • Development and implementation of a pest management plan
  • Development and implementation of a fire management plan
  • Biodiversity management
  • Construction and manning of a remote area Ranger base on the southern Shire Boundary
  • implementation of Queensland's first trial harvesting of wild crocodile eggs as a management strategy
  • two years of community engagement for World Heritage listing of D.O.G.I.T for cultural landscape values resulting in 100% support for Traditional Owners

Planned activities include rehabilitation of coastal wetlands, finalisation and continued development of rangers in certified training courses (currently CALM Cert 3) qualification for aerial feral animal control, training other Ranger groups in feral animal exclusion techniques and additional biosecurity work with NAQS.

Contact details

Postal address: Administration Pormpuraaw, Pormpurraaw QLD 4871
Phone: (07) 4060 4155


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