Please note: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander viewers are advised that this website may contain images and voices of people who have died.

Information and Videos

This page provides links to information, audio and videos explaining environmental concepts in plain language. It also showcases the work of Indigenous rangers managing their country through controlled burning. 

Carbon Network News

Carbon Network News December 2012

The intent of the Carbon Network News is to share amongst landholder and ranger and community groups across the north information on savanna fire management projects and the knowledge and experience on setting up carbon offset projects. This first newsletter is a brief overview of the meetings held to consult on a Carbon Communication Project.


The Carbon Project

The A3 booklet The Carbon Project contains images, graphics and short explanations providing basic information about the carbon cycle, what greenhouse gases are and how fire management can reduce emissions and create income for Indigenous communities. This is the first draft inviting feedback and we would appreciate if you could take 2 minutes to fill in and return the Feedback Form.

A Carbon Guide for Northern Indigenous Australians

Short guide on impact of and responses to climate change, particularly market and financial mechanisms for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Explains what climate change is, describes the carbon market, looks at the role of Indigenous fire management practices and provides short case studies

Emissions Trading, Carbon Financing and Indigenous Peoples

This is a short guide for Indigenous land managers and those who work with Indigenous communities to the phenomenon of climate change, and to ‘market’ and financial mechanisms for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, often referred to as the ‘carbon market’, ‘emissions trading’ and/or ‘carbon financing’.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are many questions around setting up a carbon business that can generate and sell carbon credits under the government's Carbon Farming Initiative. Some of these questions and answers have been addressed in this Information Sheet.

Glossary - What are people talking about?

Climate change, carbon pollution, emissions and greenhouse gas? There are many special words and concepts that are used by people talking about savanna fire management and carbon farming. The glossary explains in plain language what these words mean

Burning Business

Burning Business is a step by step information resource to Savanna Burning and the Carbon Farming Initiative. It explains in detail the government’s Seven Steps that need to be followed when planning a Carbon Farming Initiative (CFI) project. It also touches on discussions and factors that need to be considered before commencing the planning.


Good Work

Ashton Nandoo speaks about his work as a Wunggurr ranger in Australia's West Kimberleys.


Good for Carbon - Good for Country

Bruce Martin from the Wik-Kugu rangers and Cameron Yates from Bushfires NT talk about measuring carbon emissions after controllied burning at Stoney Crossing in Cape York, Australia.

Measuring Smoke

Cameron Yates from Bushfires NT explains how fuels are collected and measured before and and after burning an area to determine carbon emissions.

Climate Change: Everyone's Business

Live & Learn has recently produced a climate change animation. Climate Change: Everyone's business uses a fun approach to explain the basics of climate change and the problems relating to deforestation and greenhouse gas emissions. The animation has been produced in English, Solomon Island Pidgin, Fijian and Bislama.

Why we burn our country 

Otto Campion, Traditional Owner and Senior Gurruwiling Ranger from North Central Arnhem Land (Australia) talks about Indigenous values that drive Savanna Fire Management.



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